2019新冠狀病毒病疫情第三波爆發的新聞稿 家居治療和餐飲安排 | Press statement in the midst of COVID-19 Third Wave in Hong Kong Home treatment and dining arrangement

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Press Release

Press statement in the midst of COVID-19 
Third Wave in Hong Kong
Home treatment and dining arrangement

31 July 2020
Dear Reporters,


Hong Kong Doctors Union (HKDU) is a unique trade union with doctor members in both public and private services. Registered with the Trade Union Registry to look after the interests and rights of doctors in their employer employee relationship, HKDU is committed to provide Continuing Medical Education for doctors to maintain and ensure the highest standard of the healthcare doctors to cater for the health of the Hong Kong community.

With the explosion of COVID-19 pandemic around the world, Hong Kong is no exception to share the horrific consequences. We appreciate the efforts offered by our medical experts so far but not quite those by our Government officials.

The lately imposed measure of restriction of dining inside restaurants by the Government is another example of handling matter in a haphazard manner just like that of loosening border restrictions and exempting certain groups of people entering Hong Kong from quarantine.

From news reporting, we are sorry to learn that the hard-working construction site workers, cleaners, etc have to find their ways to consume their meals in such a chaotic manner that invites criticism from all directions. On the other hand, such eating behaviour would increase health hazards like heat stroke in this hot summer weather and also the chance of cross-infection of COVID-19 with untraceable contacts resulting in a more dangerous situation in Hong Kong. If the Government considers opening their public places for workers to take meals, it would turn out to be a laughing stock if there is an outbreak.

We would suggest a better method of restricting restaurant service to: ONE PERSON ONE TABLE WITH TABLES 1.5 METRE APART, prohibition of talking during meals, limited meal time to less than 30 mins. With the presently practiced preventive and disinfection measures at restaurants, these will surely serve the purpose of further minimizing cross-infection.

We, doctors in private practice, have been cooperating with the Government by asking patients with symptoms to undergo the COVID-19 PRC tests. However, the time for test results to return is getting longer and longer to more than 10 days recently. Furthermore, the waiting time for confirmed COVID patients is also getting longer to nearly one week. We find such delay IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND IS PUSHING COVID SUFFERERS TO DEMISE. From the evidence on treating COVID patients so far, we have found that early treatment would lead to a better chance for the patients to recover completely. We have to grasp the golden opportunity of treating COVID patients within the first week of diagnosis. As such, in view of the present situation of delay in hospitalization and if household condition allows, HONG KONG DOCTORS UNION supports the idea of HOME ISOLATION, HOME TREATMENT for COVID TEST positive patients as an interim medical measure before hospital admission to decrease the patient’s sufferings and to minimize the spread of COVID within the household. We shall work with public doctors, community nurses, community pharmacists, patients’ organizations, and other allied health personnel in this endeavour to save COVID patients.  

For enquiries, please contact Dr. Yeung Chiu Fat, President, HKDU at 90136478.